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About Talapothichil

Talapothichil is a word from the Malayalam language where "Tala" means head and "Pothichil" implies covering. As the name suggests, this method entails applying the herbal paste to the head. Kerala is where this ancient kind of healing first emerged. One of Kerala's traditional remedies, talapothichil has a great track record of success and widespread acceptability.
The procedure starts with a conventional head massage using the right oil. The head is then covered with a toasted banana leaf after the specially formulated herbal paste has been applied. Then it is preserved for a set period. It takes 75 minutes to complete the entire process.
The patient is made to sit comfortably and with a certain medicinal oil, the head is gently massaged. After carefully analyzing the patient's condition, a herbal paste is freshly made by boiling it with buttermilk. A thin coating of the paste, measuring between 0.5 and 1 centimeters thick, is spread over the scalp, leaving only a small core area exposed. This groove is filled with medicinal oil. 
The groove is left open before the paste is covered with leaves (plantain or lotus leaf) and fabric. After the paste has been removed from the area, a little head massage is provided.

  • Rejuvenates and calms the senses and psyche.
  • Promotes intelligence by feeding the brain.
  • It promotes mental tranquility.
  • It gives the hair nutrients and softens and glossies the hair.
  • It enhances complexion and aids in the treatment of sinusitis and a variety of eye conditions.
  • Enhances neuromuscular health
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Endocrine glands are stimulated
  • It helps to remove scalps
  • Its cooling qualities and outstanding effects on neurological illnesses, psychosomatic ailments, stress disorders, and migraines
  • This procedure is recognized for its capacity to cure head and neck-related conditions.
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