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About Snehavasti

Sneha Vasti refers to medicated oil enema. Medicated oil or Sneha is effective to cure ailments. This oil enema is very helpful in cleaning the colon and in the detoxification of the entire body. Diseases such as lower backache, rheumatism, paralysis, gout, and constipation. 

The medicated oil or Sneha is administered into the rectum with slight pressure and motion towards the vertebral column. The enema must stay in the patient’s body for about one to two hours for the completion of the therapy. 

The patient is laid down on a bed that is neither too high nor too low, on his/her left side, with his/her right thigh folded while extending the other leg. The anus and the enema nozzle are lubricated with oil before insertion. The instrument used is then filled with the medicated oil and inserted into the rectum. After the administration of the Sneha or medicated oil, the patient is asked to lie down facing upward. After which the patient is massaged on his/her abdomen, feet, and hands. 

Oil is smeared all over the patient’s body to prevent Sneha from coming out too early. The vasti has to repeat if the Sneha comes out before 30 minutes have passed. The oil that does not stay inside the body does not serve any purpose. 

After the oil enema is held inside your body for 30 minutes, you can empty it in the toilet. If the oil does not come out, it means it was absorbed into the tract and that’s okay. 

  • Removes accumulated toxins from the colon.
  • Alleviates various Vata disorders. 
  • Restores and strengthens your immunity 
  • Nourishes and rebuilds the body tissues
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