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About Prachanam

Sushruta, the Vedic surgeon, considers Rakta Moksha as one of the five Shodana procedures. Prachana Karma is one type of Raktha Moksha or blood letting therapy in which Koorcha Sastra is used to make multiple pricks on the affected area to ooze out vitiated blood and achieve the balance of dosha. The blood oozes out from the diseased area after the treatment. Hence, the vitiated doshas are expelled out and the disease is cured. 
During the Prachanam procedure, the tourniquet is applied over the affected area, after which multiple pricks are made using a sharp-pointed instrument over the diseased area. The pricks are made in a special manner as mentioned below:

  • Pricks are made parallel to each other.
  • Pricks over the pricks should be avoided.
  • The whole area of the disease is covered.
  • The prick should not be too superficial or too deep. 


  • Pricks are made from the bottom in an upward direction. 

  • When a satisfactory amount of blood oozes out, the tourniquet should be removed. If excessive bleeding is observed, raktastambhaka drugs like ushiradi choorna have to be applied over the affected area. 

Prachanam therapy is mainly indicated for eczema and other skin diseases. It is mostly done for people with excess sleep, cold, debility, giddiness, unconsciousness, etc. 

  • Skin diseases, edema, tumors, and diseases arising from blood will never occur in people who indulge in Prachana Karma therapy.
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