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About Netrasekam

Netrasekam is also known as Netra Seka or Netra Dhara which is a  simple and well-known procedure for eye disease. It is beneficial for eye diseases like conjunctivitis, eye strain, watering eye, eye redness, dry eye, and blepharitis. Medication decoction is prepared for the procedure with selected herbs. It is prepared differently for patients according to their strength and the severity of the disease.

To make the kashaya, 6 to 7 herbs are used. Later the prepared medication is mixed with honey. It is then poured on the closed eyes from a height of 4 Angulus( 4 inches) in a thin and continuous stream for the prescribed time. The flow should be on the medical canthus which is the inner portion of the eye. The temperature for the preparation should be lukewarm.

The treatment works in 3 phases - pre-procedure, main procedure, and post-procedure. 

  • Pre-procedure also known as Purva Karma is the phase in which a trained physician diagnoses a patient. 

  • The main procedure also known as Pradhana Karma is the phase in which the prepared medication decoction is applied to the eye for a prescribed time. 

  • Post-procedure is also known as Pashyat Karma in which the eyes are cleaned after the treatment and the physician advises the patient to take a rest. 

  • Nourishes eyes that are dry, itchy, or hurt.
  • Strengthens the eye's nerves and muscles
  • Gives eyes a youthful appearance
  • Increases the flow of blood to the facial nerves and muscles
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