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About Netrakshalanam

The old ayurvedic technique called netrakshalanam has been practiced for countless years. Netrakshalanam is helpful for people who routinely work in front of computers and have difficulties treating eye diseases. Our eyes are continuously gazing at displays and absorbing harsh emissions in today's technological world. Both therapeutic and preventative uses of this medication are possible.

Within the confines of the Masha paste, lukewarm ghee or ghrita is poured on closed eyelids together with a mixture of therapeutic herbs. The patient is urged to alternately open and close their eyelids to allow the liquified ghrita's therapeutic effects to penetrate. How long the Ghrita should be applied to the eyes depends on how severe the condition is.

The eyes are the most revealing sense organ in the human body and are sometimes referred to as "the windows to our soul." The head is regarded as the most significant portion of the body in Ayurveda, and the eye provides the brain with visual inputs. This sense of organ is harmed by air pollution and repeated screen use, which causes a variety of issues.

Patients most frequently experience symptoms including heavy eyes, trouble opening their eyes, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, and blurry vision. When stressed or exposed to pollution, specific key areas (marmas) on the eye suffer the most. The Netrakshalanam alleviates these issues.

  • Assists in preventing or treating dry eye syndrome
  • Helps shield eyes from excessive computer glare
  • Aids in preventing the onset of early cataracts
  • Cures or prevents optic neuropathy
  • It effectively treats discomfort and burning feelings, as well as poor coordination and loss of ocular movement.
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