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About Ksheeradhara

The Ksheeradhara ayurvedic treatment includes a steady flow of herbal milk over your head and body. It is different from other ayurvedic treatments that use regular oil concoctions. This treatment is quite similar to Shirodhara, but the Ksheeradhara treatment has a cooling effect on the body. It is mostly recommended during summer or in circumstances that demand relaxing or cooling effects. 

The herbal milk poured on your body during Ksheeradhara treatment plays the role of moisturizer and helps relieve stress, anxiety, and tension. This treatment is also beneficial for skin and hair. It enhances the glow of your skin. This treatment is suitable for patients suffering from Vata and Pitta dominance, stress, migraines, and insomnia. 

The duration of Ksheeradhara treatment is 40 minutes. It is conducted over seven to twenty-one days. The duration of the process can be altered according to the client’s mental and physical condition. The milk used in the Ksheeradhara treatment contains various herbal extracts. It is included in the two main Ksheeradhara treatments which are: Sarvangadhara and Shirodhara. 

In Sarvangadhara, the entire body, except the head, is covered in milk. While in Shirodhara, the treatment is done only for the head. The pouring of the steady stream of herbal milk helps regulate the pituitary gland and induces sleep as it soothes and stimulates the hypothalamus. 

  • Helps boost memory
  • Reduces the frequency of migraines
  • Prevents indigestion and enhances the digestive process
  • Improves energy, physical strength, mental clarity, and vitality
  • Restores the balance of dosha
  • Helps with stress relief
  • Relaxes your nervous system
  • Relief from fatigue 
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