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About Head Massage

The Ayurvedic head massage is an ancient treatment practiced in India for over 5000 years. The treatment involves a variety of pressure techniques, such as circular massage strokes which focus on your shoulders, head, and neck regions. 

The deep massage techniques used in Ayurvedic head massage can be used in conjunction with Ayurvedic herbal formulations and aromatic oils to improve hair and scalp conditions. This also helps to stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body. 

The Ayurvedic head massages work on marmas or pressure points to boost blood circulation in the scalp vasculature, emissary veins, and intracranial circulation. 

However, before the Ayurvedic head massage, the therapist will examine your Prakriti and conditions to evaluate the status of your doshas, i.e. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha levels. This is done to choose the right Ayurvedic herbal formulations to target the factors of your illnesses, including hair and scalp-related problems. 

Ayurveda recommends the Ayurvedic head massage at least once a fortnight to help keep your doshas in balance. It provides ultimate rejuvenation to your head region and scalp. But it won’t be possible for everyone to visit Ayurveda centers regularly. 


Ayurvedic head massages relieve you from stress and also present exceptional benefits to your scalp by encouraging stronger hair growth. 

  • Relieves from stress and anxiety.
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Reduces migraines and headaches
  • Enhances alertness, memory, and cognition
  • Imparts lustrous shine to your hair
  • Strengthens your nervous and circulatory systems
  • Provides deep nourishment which gives way to healthy hair growth
  • Strengthens your senses 
  • Controls your tension and emotional stress
  • Resolves sleep deprivation by promoting sound sleep
  • Aids in the release of hormones like endorphins 
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