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About Foot Massage

As per Ayurveda, the different parts of the feet correspond to the different organs of our body. The feet have pressure points or marma. The pressure points or marmas are the energy centers that run throughout the body. When these marmas or pressure points are pressed, the circulatory energies in the liver, stomach, kidneys, heart, head, neck and other organs are triggered. 

Five out 107 marmas or pressure points are located in the feet and all these contain many nerve endings. The foot massage therapy helps to release all the negative energy in your body with the help of these marmas. 

Foot massage therapy directly influences the subconscious nature while also providing a psychological cleansing effect. This therapy considers the feet as the central point of all the energies that help connect the body to the earth. When the root of a plant is nourished, it yields good fruit. Similar to a plant, the nourishment of the feet yields the wellness of the body. 

The foot massage therapy begins with the application of lukewarm ghee or oil to the feet, including the heels, soles, legs, and ankle joints. 

  • Relieves stiffness, numbness, and dryness of the foot and leg
  • Reduces stress, allows a rejuvenated body and mind, and calms the mind
  • Promotes hearing senses and healthy eyesight
  • Provides overall immunity to your body
  • Cures sciatica through improved peripheral circulation, and enhanced blood circulation
  • Provides stability and sturdiness to the limbs and foot
  • Prevents foot ailments and relieves the contraction of ligaments, muscles, and vessels of the feet
  • Prevents the onset of degeneration, activates metabolism, and cures headaches
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