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About Drishtiprasadanam

The goal of the science is stated in Ayurveda as "Swasthasya Swasthyarakshanam Aturasya Vikarprashaman." It means "to keep a healthy person well and to treat sickness in a sick person." The eye is listed as one of the most essential organs of all by the Ayurvedic Acharya in the Samhita as "Sarvendriyanam Nayam Pradhanam."
Maintaining eye health and effectively treating any diseases are of the highest importance. Drishtiprasadanam is the name given by Ayurveda for its elaborate local treatments for treating and curing ocular problems. The term "drishtiprasadanam" describes a course of treatment in which pharmaceuticals or remedies are injected into or near the eyeball.
Because vision is one of a person's primary senses, it is crucial to maintain good eye health. To relieve your eyes of any negative effects, Drishtiprasadanam treatments are performed through Poorvakarma, Pradhankarma, and Paschatkarma. In drishtiprasadanam, the drug's time in contact with tissue may be managed. They are chosen based on the disease's stage and severity.
In this process, the eyeball is covered with medicinal or just sweet substances like Ghrita for a predetermined amount of time. It is done to provide nutrients and increase the effectiveness of the eyes and can be used as a therapeutic or preventative therapy approach. In Ayurveda, this method is known as Drishtiprasadanam for eye conditions. It is one of Ayurveda's most successful eye remedies.

  • Gets a visible change in the vision 
  • Maintain healthy eye
  • Prevention of various eye diseases
  • Encourages sound sleep
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