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About Dhanyamla Kizhi

The term Dhanyamla Kizhi comprises three words in which Dhanya represents "grains", Amla represents "fermented", and Kizhi represents "a bolus with herbs". This Ayurveda treatment involves making bolus with herbal powders dipped in fermented liquid which is extracted from the therapeutic herbs and grains. This bolus at a specific temperature is applied with pressure over the body of the patient to remove excess doshas and toxins. Dhanyamla Kizhi is effective for patients who are suffering from inflammatory and Vata problems. The therapy deals with healing the signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis and is able to eliminate toxic products formed as a result of faulty metabolism. It is also advisable to follow Dhanyamla Kizhi for Overweight and Thyroid issues. The therapy deals with the effective healing of disorders of Vata, Kapha, Vata-Kapha, and Ama.


Dhanyamla Kizhi has a unique approach to dealing with rejuvenation and refreshing experiences balancing doshas and toxins from the body. Here, we discuss the key benefits of Dhanyamla Kizhi, a holistic Ayurveda way to freshen your mind and body.

  • Reduces any inflammation, stiffness, or pain that influences the joints
  • Revitalizing the body
  • Eliminating any type of toxin in the body
  • Loosening up the muscles
  • Promotes active lifestyle
  • Improves your physical and mental strength strength
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