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Sports Massage in dubai

Sports massage in Dubai is an effective treatment for general wear and tear and sports injuries. There are different types of massages used to treat athletes. It includes myofascial release, deep tissue therapy, hot and cold therapy, Thai massage, Ashiatsu, stretching, and PTSM. 

PTSM stands for Phila Tandem Sports Massage, an intensive massage session that includes 90 minutes of stretching combined with 90 minutes of massage. Several other massage techniques make up PTSM such as combined deep tissue, Swedish massage, hot and cold therapy, and Active Isolated Stretching. The benefits of this therapy include reduction of muscle spasms and knots, faster muscle recovery, reduced muscle tension, improved blood flow, and pain relief. 

Ashiatsu is another sports massage technique that utilizes centrifugal and centripetal strokes. It results in structural changes in the damaged soft tissue. The massage therapist stands on top of the client and maintains their balance by holding onto bars over the table. Massage oil is used during sports massage therapy.

To decide what type of therapy to use on an athlete, they consider the timing of workouts. For instance, during workouts, the therapist’s goal is to loosen the tissue and remove knots. During the recovery period, the goal is to heal, so the massage therapist uses lighter techniques to achieve this goal.