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Sports Massage in dubai

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports massage is one of the types of massage therapy that helps to treat the muscles of athletic individuals before and after training sessions. The technique helps to restore the damage to the injured tissues and rebuild the muscle flexibility of athletes. Ayurvedic therapy also minimizes the possibility of future injuries by working on the unique structures of different muscles in the body. 

Sports massage therapy in Dubai is an effective treatment for general wear and tear and sports injuries. There are different types of massages used to treat athletes. It includes myofascial release, deep tissue therapy, hot and cold therapy, Thai massage, Ashiatsu, stretching, and PTSM. 

PTSM stands for Phila Tandem Sports Massage, an intensive massage session that includes 90 minutes of stretching combined with 90 minutes of massage. Several other sports massage techniques make up PTSM such as combined deep tissue, Swedish massage, hot and cold therapy, and Active Isolated Stretching. The benefits of this therapy include reduction of muscle spasms and knots, faster muscle recovery, reduced muscle tension, improved blood flow, and pain relief. 

Ashiatsu is another sports massage technique that utilizes centrifugal and centripetal strokes. It results in structural changes in the damaged soft tissue. The massage therapist stands on top of the client and maintains their balance by holding onto bars over the table. Massage oil is used during sports massage therapy.

To decide what type of therapy to use on an athlete, they consider the timing of workouts. For instance, during workouts, the therapist’s goal is to loosen the tissue and remove knots. During the recovery period, the goal is to heal, so the massage therapist uses lighter techniques to achieve this goal. 

Sports Massage Therapy Dubai also can support the performance of an individual, especially athletes in different ways, such as, by facilitating blood flow and reducing tension of muscles. 

Types of Sports Massages

  • Pre-Event Sports Massage

These are mainly used to prepare the athletes for training sessions or even competitions. It stimulates blood flow and other nutrients to the muscles and helps with muscle tension etc. The therapy also helps the body to prepare for the event. The aim of the massage is mainly to prevent any serious injury and it is typically done about four hours before the event. It involves massaging techniques like effleurage, friction, tapotement, and vibration – but not petrissage. This will be a very light session since deep massage tissue will make the muscle sore. This will have a negative effect on an athlete so close to a competition. Besides, it’s not practical at all.

  • Post-Event Sports Massage

This massage therapy is mainly used for athletes completing their game/event typically within 72 hours. Even though the duration is nearly 15-20 minutes, it may depend on the condition of the athlete. It’s worth mentioning that a delay of up to 72 hours is quite necessary since the athletes need to rehydrate, stretch, and cool down before the massage. Commonly ice baths are also used for recuperation after a rigorous event.
Effleurage is the first technique used in post-event massages. Petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration are used in deep tissue massages along with other techniques to promote the removal of lactic acid, improve the flow of nutrients to the affected areas, detect trigger points in the muscles that cause pain, and lessen the effects of DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness.

  • Maintenance Sports Massage

As the name suggests, the Dubai sports massage is used post-training and helps to keep the athlete’s body relaxed. It can also help to reduce inflammation and aid a faster recovery and better performance before the next event. The therapy also allows therapists and trainers to prevent an injury by identifying any potential risks in the body.

Sports Massage For Rehabilitation

Various sports massage options will be part of a recovery program that is carried out by massage therapists in collaboration with medical experts.  Effleurage is typically used to make the blood flow in the muscle better. However, since deep tissue petrissage is so painful, it may not be performed afterward.

As these are essential for recovery, the therapist might employ recovery-promoting techniques like tapotement, friction, and vibration. These encourage the clearance of toxins, and scar tissue, and enhance nutrient and blood supply to the damaged area.

Rehabilitating an injured muscle requires minimizing discomfort, stiffness, and soreness as well as eradicating scar tissue. An athlete can resume training more quickly and recuperate more quickly, which enables them to return to the game much sooner.

When & Whom is Sports Massage Therapy Recommended?

Our specialists recommend at Ayurheritage that athletes have sports therapy massage three times a week and before any significant event. This can assist in giving the body enough time to eliminate the waste materials. A quick body massage can ease discomfort and assist social exercisers in avoiding further injuries.

How Sports Massage therapy is Done?

A sports massage therapist in Dubai uses a variety of treatments to aid athletes in their recovery and improved performance. By putting pressure on muscles and joints, they manipulate and stretch them, thereby decreasing tension while improving flexibility. This lessens discomfort, improves blood flow, and guards against injuries. The therapist could also provide guidance on self-care practices and stretches to enhance the athlete's general health.

Benefits of the Best Sports Massage Dubai

Dubai Sports Massage is a greater advantage for treating the muscles of athletes in dubai, resulting in increased energy, a happier mood, less anxiety, and total relaxation. Through our expert treatment, performance of the athletes can be enhanced by improving recovery, increasing flexibility, relieving pain, and optimizing muscle function. Tailored to individual needs, it promotes optimal physical health for success in competition. Thus, Dubai sports massage can help to double the strength of both the body and mind. Here are few benefits of sports massage

  • Relieves muscle tension and soreness

  • Boost flexibility

  • Increases circulation

  • Speeds up recovery

  • Prevents injuries

  • Promotes relaxation