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Rejuvenation Treatments

Rejuvenation therapy or Rasayana is a special and unique Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatment that helps keep our body agile and young-looking, strengthens the immune system, boosts vitality, and increases your mental and physical abilities. A combination of classic Ayurvedic treatments with herbs and oils is used to calm and massage your entire body. Unique and special treatments are given to certain parts of the body like the eyes, the forehead, and the face. 

This rejuvenating therapy helps heal bones and nerves, regenerate cells, slows down the aging process, promotes calmness of mind, and cures various problems associated with aging. Other benefits include deep detoxification, enhanced blood circulation, and youthful glowing skin. 

You do not have to be suffering from any ailment to undergo rejuvenating therapy or Rasayana. This is suitable for anyone who is looking for a rejuvenating experience as Rasayana aims at promoting longevity and preserving health. It is also done for people with ailments due to its great healing properties. 

The rejuvenation treatment begins with a consultation in which a package is tailored according to the min-body constitution and condition of the individual. The therapy includes the following treatments: 





Shiro Abhyanga



Netra Tharpanam


Face pack

Herbal steam bath