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Eye Care Treatment

The eyes are a critical part of our life and health. We put our eyes through too much stress with the overuse of digital devices and exposure to too much blue light. Diseases like diabetes also adversely affect the health of our eyes. 

The parts of the eyes are related to elements. The muscles around the eyes are governed by the earth element, the eye white by water, the blood vessels by fire, the tear ducts and channels by space, and the eye color by air. The Alochaka Pitta governs the eye, and since the Pitta dosha gets more unbalanced as you age, it leads to many eyesight-related problems. 

Good eye care habits help us to keep our eyes healthy and vision clear. As per Ayurveda, the eyes should be bathed with cool water in the morning while holding some water in the mouth at the same time. Too hot or too cold water should not be used to bathe the eyes. Staring intensely at a ghee lamp that has been lit with a cotton swab is an Ayurvedic medicine for the improvement of eyesight. It adds strength to your vision and improves eye luster. A great way to soothe your eyes is to place a cotton swab soaked in goat’s milk over your eyes.