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Curative Treatments

Ayurveda is a millennia-old tradition that relies on the deep understanding of nature’s countless treasures to heal us of our various ailments. It helps us to be our best physically, mentally, and spiritually. In today’s world where we are losing touch with nature, Ayurveda is a great reminder for us to change our unhealthy lifestyles. It teaches us to incorporate the ancient knowledge of nature. 

Over the centuries, through a deep study of the inner body’s inner functioning along with the study of herbs and their benefits, many effective therapies that target and cure different ailments in our body were created. 

The Shodana Chikitsa, which means purifying treatments are usually done in 21 days to a month, depending upon the patient’s requirement and condition. However, it is recommended a minimum of 21-28 days of Panchakarma treatment. 

The benefits of Panchakarma include:

Relaxes and soothes your body

Removes stress and anxiety

Regulates metabolism

Rejuvenates skin and tissues

Boosts immunity

Cleanses the toxins that are accumulated in the body

Restores the body’s natural balance

Opens up blocked channels in the body

Enhances and cleanses the digestive system

Therapeutic or curative treatments in Ayurveda include Vamanam (for all types of Kapha diseases), Virechanam (for all Pitta diseases), Snehavasthy (for Vata-related diseases), Nasyam (for nasal or nose disorders), and many more treatments associated with each part of the human body.