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Low back pain

The most typical causes of low back pain are injuries to the muscles or tendons in the back, although other conditions or illnesses can also contribute to it. Sometimes, the pain might make it difficult or impossible to walk, sleep, work, or do other everyday tasks. Low back discomfort affects people over the age of 30, obesity, back injuries, structural issues, and mental health.

People with low back pain seek Ayurvedic consultations more frequently. The strain on the muscles and ligaments, sleeping issues, regular activities, cancer, infectious infections, back injuries, etc. are some of the primary causes of low back pain. The Ayurvedic method of treating back pain places a focus on a number of elements, including diet, way of life, and herbal remedies.

Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic low back pain treatment includes the following:

  • A Vata imbalance brought on by poor posture leads to a reduction in the intervertebral joint space, which can be treated with herbal medications given orally and panchakarma detoxification. An enema strengthens the bones and joints and helps back pain while redressing the Vata imbalance.

  • By balancing the doshas, the Ayurvedic back pain therapy abhyanga (massage with heated medicinal oil) provides pain relief. Kati Basti is another Ayurvedic method for treating lower back pain.

  • The balance of the Vata dosha can be achieved by pranayama. Alternate nostril breathing, commonly referred to as Anulom-Vilom, could balance Vata.

  • It is suggested to avoid chilly foods and beverages and to only consume warm, sour, and salty foods in order to soothe Vata.

  • Another Ayurvedic approach for treating back pain is Agnikarma. In order to treat pain, it requires heating up specific areas with a device known as an Agnikarma Shalaka.

  • Herbs like Guggul, Nirgundi, Shallaki, and Ginger can be used to cure back pain.

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