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The Importance of Postnatal Care: Nurturing the Mother and Baby
Jul 27, 2023

The Importance of Postnatal Care: Nurturing the Mother and Baby

Transitioning into motherhood is a very life-altering and challenging experience. The journey also comes with many health complications and hormonal imbalances as well. Navigating through these changes can be very demanding. This blog post ‘The Importance of Postnatal Care: Nurturing the Mother and Baby’ will talk about postnatal care from Ayurveda’s perspective and how going the Ayurvedic away can benefit the child and mother alike.

But before that, let’s discuss how Ayurveda can help in post-natal recovery 

How Ayurveda Helps in Post-Natal Recovery

Ayurveda, the holistic medicinal system provides valuable guidelines and treatments for post-natal care to support the physical and emotional well-being of the mother and a healthy recovery. 

Ayurveda promotes the body’s natural healing rejuvenation through a series of processes including a balanced and nourished diet and certain specialized treatments. Procedures like abdominal binding and oil massages will tone the muscles and promote relaxation.

Ayurveda also recommends herbal baths that promote healing and soothing of the body, while also giving emotional support and relaxation for the mother’s full recovery. Ayurveda’s individualized care and attention to the mother will help to navigate the post-natal period with more care.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Postnatal Care

  • Faster Healing

The treatments and remedies recommended by Ayurveda will the help body to heal faster after childbirth. The use of specific ayurvedic herbs and other formulations is also known to fight complications like inflammation and promote tissue repair and boost the natural recovery process of the mother.

  • Hormonal Balance

Ayurveda gives special importance to hormonal changes that occur after childbirth. Hormonal balance is extremely important for the overall health of the mother. It will help to regulate emotions and stress and promote a sense of calm.

  • Strengthening the Body

Certain ayurvedic practices like oil massages and a specific ayurvedic diet will help to strengthen the body of the mother, especially muscles and joints that might’ve affected during childbirth.

  • Rejuvenation

Post-natal ayurvedic treatment focus on rejuvenating the body and mind. These holistic procedures will help to fight postpartum fatigue and give a sense of revitalization to the mother. 

  • Improved Lactation

As part of post-natal care, Ayurveda suggests herbs and foods that improve lactation and support breastfeeding. These remedies will boost the milk supply of the mother as well as enhance the nutritional quality of the breast milk.

  • Emotional Support

Ayurved gives extreme priority to the emotional well-being of the mother during the post-natal period. Supportive therapies are also known to help with reducing postpartum anxiety and depression.

  • Better Digestion

The holistic practices also focus on improving the digestion and metabolism of the mother’s body. Some of the women tend to experience digestive issues post-delivery and Ayurveda post-natal care gives extra attention to them with digestive care.

  • Bonding with the baby

Ayurveda recommends special postnatal massages for both the mother and the infant. These massages not only promote physical relaxation and healing but also help the mother and baby bond emotionally. During massages, skin-to-skin contact increases the release of bonding hormones such as oxytocin, establishing a strong emotional connection.

  • Prevention of Postpartum Complications

The ayurvedic style of post-natal care involves a special diet, and therapeutic massages tailored to individual needs. These ayurvedic practices in the postnatal clinic can help with common postpartum concerns like exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, digestive upsets, and uterine recovery. They also serve to boost the mother's immune system and support emotional well-being, resulting in a more seamless transition into parenthood.

Ayurveda Post-natal care diet

Do we actually need to follow an Ayurvedic postpartum diet? You may have heard the question before. The answer is always yes. A mother's body is going through immense changes during the motherhood journey. These changes not only occur in the uterus but in the entire female body too.

According to Ayurveda, a new mom needs nearly 45 days to refrain from total health, which is why Ayurveda offers a specialized healthcare plan for new moms. Ayurheritage offers personalized post-natal care and effective Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai.

What is the healthy food that supports postpartum care?

Here are some of the tips recommended by Ayurveda for new moms.

  • Consume low-fat food.
  • Drink milk daily.
  • Include legumes, chickpeas since they are best for breastfeeding.
  • Include red onions and garlic in your diet.
  • Drink lots of water. Not drinking enough water can lead to decreased milk and urinary tract infections.

What Should be Avoided in Ayurvedic Post-Partum Diet?

Cold and Raw Foods:  Ayurveda points out that believed that the digestive fire is weak during the postpartum period. So, avoid cold and raw foods, as they can further complicate the digestive fire and affect proper digestion.

Hard-to-Digest Foods: During the postpartum period, the mother's digestive system is sensitive, and she may have a reduced capacity to digest heavy foods. Make sure to avoid foods that are difficult to digest, such as meats, deep-fried items.

Spicy Foods: Spicy foods can easily upset the delicate balance of the body and will be transferred to the breastmilk, potentially causing discomfort to the baby too. It's best to avoid overly spicy, or acidic foods.

Caffeine and Stimulants: Caffeine and other stimulants can disrupt the sleep patterns of the mother, and negatively affect breast milk. So, it's best to limit or avoid caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea.

Gas-Inducing Foods: Certain foods can produce excess gas in the stomach causing discomfort to both the mother and the baby. Avoid gas-inducing foods like beans, cauliflower, cabbage, and carbonated drinks.

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