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Postnatal Care: Nurturing New Mothers for a Healthy Start
Sep 04, 2023

Postnatal Care: Nurturing New Mothers for a Healthy Start

In the blissful journey of motherhood, the postnatal stage is an important phase that demands special care and attention. The blog, ‘Postnatal Care: Nurturing New Mothers for a Healthy Start’ delves deep into the major aspects to guide and support new mothers in their path of recovery after childbirth, empowering them from the wisdom of Ayurveda. The holistic healthcare system of Ayurveda has the best postnatal care practices that can promote the physical well-being of both the baby and the mother, and also strengthen the emotional bond and psychological health of the family. Keep reading the blog to understand more about the Ayurvedic practices for post natal care with comprehensive support systems, diet plans, lifestyle changes, and certain exercises to plan a healthy start on the transformative journey into motherhood. 

Aims of Ayurvedic Postnatal Care

Ayurvedic postnatal care focuses on a personalized approach to strengthening new mothers physically, mentally, and emotionally during their crucial period after childbirth. With the ancient holistic approach, Ayurveda helps to restore the balance of the mind and body, promoting total recovery of mothers by empowering their transition into motherhood. The primary goal is to strengthen the weakened digestive system through proper postnatal diet plans which promote tissue rejuvenation and boost immunity. Postnatal care from Ayurveda also concentrates on addressing hormonal fluctuations that aid in the restoration of hormonal balance. By gentle self-care practices, light massages using herbal oils, and daily exercises to strengthen muscles and regain vitality, Ayurvedic postnatal care enhances emotional well-being and nurtures a peaceful environment for the mother and the baby. Experience the best postnatal care from Ayurheritage, the top Ayurvedic hospital Dubai, where we promise a healthy recovery and initiate a balanced motherhood journey.

Ayurvedic Postnatal  Care Tips for New Mothers 

Ayurvedic postnatal tips are a holistic and lasting approach that focuses majorly on restoring physical vitality, emotional stability, and overall well-being. From consulting doctors in postnatal clinic to nurturing self-care rituals, Ayurvedic insights provide a gentle guide to strengthen and support new mothers during their journey to motherhood. 

Significance of Diet in Postnatal Care

The significance of proper diet in postnatal care has a major role in aiding the well-being of a new mother after childbirth. During this period, physical and emotional changes happen which need nurturing foods that help in promoting tissue healing, regaining lost energy, and supporting hormonal balance. Ayurvedic principles suggest that a proper and personalized diet can help to strengthen the digestive system, support nutrient absorption, and mitigate common postpartum discomforts. Here are a few postnatal diet tips for a healthy recovery. 

  • Ensure that you intake a good amount of water daily. You can drink warm water, coconut water, or any fresh juices. 
  • Include all tastes in your diet.
  • Eat fresh foods with ghee and mild spices that are easy to digest.
  • Have low-fat dairy products including warm milk with ghee to support lactation, breast milk secretion, and proper sleep. 
  • Eat local and seasonal fresh fruits available in the market like pomegranates, blueberries, oranges, and gooseberries with nuts, dates, and raisins.
  • Eat cooked vegetables and cereals, either steamed or stir-fry.

Include Herbs in Your Daily Routine

Including herbs in your diet and daily routine is a natural and effective way to support your journey of postnatal recovery. Specific herbs mentioned in the authentic books of Ayurveda have rejuvenating and recovering properties that can help restore the balance of the body and the mind of the new mothers. Including prescribed herbs, which are given below, in your diet and daily routine can help to enhance the postpartum period by boosting vitality, reducing physical discomforts, and easing your steps toward a new stage of life, motherhood. It is advised to get guidance from an Ayurvedic doctor from renowned Ayurveda clinic Dubai to ensure the herbs align with your needs and health conditions. 

  • Tulsi (Holy Basil) 
  • Indian Ginseng Root
  • Red raspberry
  • Moringa
  • Fenugreek

Lifestyle Changes for Postnatal Care

In this transformative stage of a woman’s life, embracing certain lifestyle changes and self-care practices is essential. Adopting a healthy lifestyle that aids your journey of recovery can result in emotional, physical, and mental well-being. The following are some of the lifestyle changes you can make to enhance the postnatal stage. 

  • Take proper rest in the initial weeks after childbirth. 
  • Embrace warmth.
  • Have an oil massage as recommended by the physician.
  • Feed your baby frequently so that your breasts feel discomfort. 
  • Practice good hygiene methods, especially for your breasts and genitals. 
  • Walk and do mild exercise to keep a better state of mind. 
  • Don’t step back, ask for help when you feel helpless. 

Postnatal Exercises

Postnatal exercises help to regain strength and empower overall well-being after childbirth. The journey of motherhood includes changes in the body which have to be enhanced by tailored exercises starting with mild ones in the initial months. These personalized exercises address the specific needs of the new mother’s body and mind. By focusing on core muscles, improving posture, and boosting energy levels, postnatal exercises pave a path to building physical self-confidence in the midst of nurturing a new life. Here are some exercises you can do to stay active in your postnatal period. 

1. Yoga: Yoga is one of the best remedies that help to regain the perfect harmony between the body and mind by mitigating postpartum discomforts in the postnatal period. The pain and trauma before and after childbirth vary in each woman. However, practicing yoga starting with mild positions and gradually increasing the level of complexity can be an effective remedy for most new mothers. It is better to practice yoga under the supervision of a certified yoga practitioner to ensure that the positions you do are right.

2. Pelvic Exercise: Before and after labor, practicing pelvic exercises helps to loosen muscles and reduce pain. It helps to regain muscle strength in the pelvic area after childbirth. You can exercise mildly in the initial weeks and increase its frequency in the course of time.

3. Mild Exercises: In the initial weeks after labor, you can go for short walks and do mild household chores to keep your body active. Sitting or laying idle for a long time can make you lazy and lazier in the coming days. Thus, try to stay active in your postnatal days. 

Postnatal care is an essential part of a new mother. The effects and trauma after labor vary in every mother. Thus, a personalized approach is preferred for each mother for her postnatal care. Trust Ayurheritage for the best postnatal care with a personalized approach without compromising the authenticity of Ayurveda. 

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