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How to Keep You Cool this Summer with Ayurveda
Apr 12, 2024

How to Keep You Cool this Summer with Ayurveda

Nowadays, summer is scorching so hard on us. Everyone including you may be in search of what can keep you cool. Our experts in Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai are here with a blog titled: ‘How to keep you cool this summer with Ayurveda’ in which you can find simple yet effective ways to keep cool and comfortable during summer. Without any further delay, read the blog to learn those amazing easy hacks. 


10 Ayurvedic Treatment to Keep You Cool this Summer

This may be the most concerning question nowadays, ‘how to keep cool this summer?’ Well, the professionals of our Ayurvedic center in Dubai are here to help you with the best effortless summer hacks to stay cool.


Hydrate Yourself with Cool Drinks

Say goodbye to sugary drinks and hello to natural coolers like coconut water and cucumber juice. These hydrating beverages help to quench your thirst and also help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool and refreshed throughout the day. It is like giving your body a cool, soothing treat from the inside out.


Follow a Proper Diet

Load up your plate with juicy watermelons, refreshing berries, and crunchy cucumbers. These fruits and veggies are like little bursts of freshness, packed with water and nutrients to help cool you down. Plus, they are light on the stomach, making them perfect for hot summer days. Skip the spicy foods for now, because they are like adding fuel to the fire!


Take Cool Showers

Start your day or wind down in the evening with a cool shower. Not only does it feel incredibly refreshing, but it also helps lower your body temperature, giving you instant relief from the heat. Add a few drops of fragrant essential oils like rose or sandalwood for an extra touch of relaxation. It's like hitting the reset button for your body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.


Practice Sheetali Pranayama

Try out Sheetali breathing, a simple yet effective technique to cool down your body and calm your mind. All you have to do is inhale through your rolled tongue or pursed lips and exhale through your nose. It is like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day, instantly cooling you down from the inside out. Incorporate this practice into your daily routine for a quick and easy way to beat the heat.


Stay in the Shade

When the sun is blazing, sure you take the opportunity to cool off in the shade. Alternatively, it does not matter if it is under a tree or an umbrella, finding shade gives you an exact and refreshing break from the scorching heat. It is unbelievable, this is how discovering your own little paradise in the sea of heatwaves feels like. Finally, please wear a large-brimmed hat and dress that doesn't overheat for your safety shade from UV rays.


Use Cooling Essential Oils

The cooling effect of essential oils is observable with oils like peppermint and eucalyptus which are known to have calming and refreshing qualities. When you use a few drops in your bathroom or put them in your air area, the oil can decrease the body temperature, and their relaxing effects come about. Home is like the lungs giving a breath of fresh air to the inside, making it an enjoyable and welcoming respite from the summertime heat.


Stay Active During Cooler Hours

Beat the heat by doing your workout schedules during the cool part of the time when it is either early in the morning or even late in the evening. You will be able to both dodge the midday sweltering sun and chill on the grass while pursuing more productive workouts that will generate better results. It is essential to stay hydrated and pay attention to your body’s signals which could be precautions against the risk of overheating. It is not about working a double shift but rather becoming smart with your fitness effort that keep you cool and makes you content.


Sip Some Herbal Goodness

Make yourself a healing cup of coriander or chamomile-flavored herbal tea and sit back to cool the terrific weather. These natural means, in their turn, are good for a decrease in the organic temperature and promote relaxation, in consequence, these ones are the best remedies for a hot summer day. No matter how you brew them, (be it hot or cold), herbal teas are an excellent way to spare some cooling moments while giving yourself care. It really feels like taking warmth inside, a sip of the cup which reveals an unbelievable sensation of peace.


Practice Self Cooling

Spend around 5-10 minutes doing meditation and gentle yoga to slow down and settle your inner frustration. Such mindful exercises or ayurvedic treatments may benefit in decreasing the level of anxiety and contribute to feeling peaceful, therefore enhancing their efficiency during hot summers. Your practice of mindfulness can be in different forms based on your mood; you may decide to do meditation indoors or try outdoor yoga to help you calm down and find levelness during the crazy, hot summer. It is like having the opportunity to stop things for a bit in a busy life and just enjoy the calm and easy flow of life.


Sound Sleep

Put restful sleep as a priority. Make sure you are creating a peaceful sleep by turning and keeping your bedding cool. A well-aired and light-proofed bedroom, with cool, and breathable bedding is the way forward to a refreshing positive night's sleep. Working with relaxation skills before bed such as deep breathing or basic stretching will help your body find the comfort required for effective resting. Adequate sleep is required for overall well-being, so ensure to choose to get the good sleep you lost in scorching hot summer nights. It is this feeling that you wake up to that gives your body the boost it needs for you to start the day feeling like you have endless summer activities to go on.

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