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Ayurvedic Sports Massage Enhancing Athletic Performance and Recovery
Jul 14, 2023

How Ayurvedic Sports Massage Enhancing Athletic Performance and Recovery

You might have experienced some kind of injury if you are active in sports and athletics. It is ubiquitous to encounter injuries during sports activities that can affect the bones, tendons, muscles, and other parts of the body. Injuries are part of the game and are inevitable. You can try out sports massages after heavy workouts or intense training to recover quickly. Professional sports massage Dubai can help in the rejuvenation of tissues and relieve tension from muscles. Read more to know about How Ayurvedic Sports Massage Enhancing Athletic Performance and Recovery.   

What Is Meant by Ayurvedic Sports Massage?

It is a type of massage that is practiced on athletes and individuals who engage in heavy exercises and activities. Ayurvedic sports massage help in nourishing the body to make the body ready for tiring activities. There is an array of therapies that are practiced to bring great relaxation to an individual. For instance, a person can take an Ayurvedic sports massage in the middle of the training session to loosen the muscles for relaxing them. It can also be performed for healing the tissues during resting time. Get a special Dubai sports massage from Ayurheritage to rejuvenate your body. 

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Massages always come with an array of benefits along with energizing the overall body. It can be favorable to anyone who has tired muscles and body. Ayurvedic massage is an ideal choice if your body aches in certain areas. People in corporate offices definitely need a massage as their muscles have little movement unless they do exercise or any other heavy activities. And for people who engage in sports activities, these massage therapies can make you feel fresh and energetic by keeping you away from injuries. The vigorous movement of the body can invite injuries. But don’t you worry, getting an ayurvedic massage can help you to relieve tension from the muscles and various body parts. Some of the benefits are mentioned in the following. 

  • Ayurvedic sports massage can help in improving the circulation of blood through muscles
  • Aids in removing impurities and various toxins from the body parts
  • Helps in removing tissues that are formed because of stress and tension
  • Gets you a relaxed time that rejuvenates the whole body
  • This can especially benefit your body If you have a sports event to be prepared for
  • Soothes the pain that is caused by various activities in the muscles
  • Helps in improving overall performance and immunity of the body
  • Offers you a deep and sound sleep at night

Ayurvedic Sports Massage Therapy

There are an array of Ayurvedic treatments offered to people who are active in sports. Ayurvedic sports massage is an ideal therapy to nourish and stimulate internal organs and tissues. This especially helps in rejuvenation and energizing the body cells which in turn promote self-healing abilities of the skin and restores optimal health. This massage therapy is performed by professional therapists that can bring a positive impact on the mind, body, and spirit of an individual. One of the popular Ayurvedic therapy, Abhyanga includes nerve-ending stimulation with coordinated movements and improving the circulation of the blood as well as facilitating the removal of body toxins. 

Therapeutic oils used in the therapies are made of herbs that have medicated properties to revitalize the tissues, remove impurities and toxins, as well as energize the cells. Herbal oils used in Abhyanga therapy mainly focus on the constitution of ama or dosha like Vata, Pitta, or Kapha of an individual. These oils help in deeply penetrating the cells and removing toxins from the body. Various kinds of healing effects and detoxification can be the result of performing Abhyanga. Some of the therapies that can be performed for treating sports injuries are mentioned in the following.

Podikizhi: This ayurvedic therapy helps in easing pain, spasms, and edema. It also strengthens muscles and tissues. Podikizhi is practiced with medical oils and hot herbal boluses to treat body pain and other issues. 

Lepam: A medicated herbal paste is used to apply on body parts that need special treatment. Lepam Ayurvedic therapy is known for reducing muscle pain, bruises, and inflammation. 

Bandage: Leaves and a hot paste are used in the procedure of bandage. After the process of deep massaging, the therapist will apply the heated herbal paste onto the affected area to relieve the pain and aches. 

Njavarakizhi: The body is massaged effectively using small pouches that contain cooked Njavara rice. Njavarakizhi therapy helps in reducing stress, toning the muscles, and even improving the texture of the skin.  

Marma therapy: This procedure helps in soothing, stimulating, and treating various marma points in the body. Specific pressure and strokes are applied to the body parts of an individual to strengthen, purify, and renew the body to release energy and offer relaxation. 

To reiterate, Athletes and individuals who are active in sports activities can try Ayurvedic sports massage that can accelerate their recovery and performance. There are a plethora of therapies and treatments that can help in reducing the tension in muscles and improves the circulation of blood. Sports massage therapies are focused on certain parts of the body to refresh the cells in the affected area. How Ayurvedic Sports Massage Enhances Athletic Performance and Recovery will give you insights into how these Ayurvedic practices help in improving athletic performance by reducing the risk of injuries and rapid recovery. It is important to practice this with the help of professional therapists from ayurvedic hospital Dubai. Ayurvedic sports massage is a game changer for athletes and individuals who practice sports on a regular basis as well as for those who involve in intense workouts. 

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