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Sports massage therapy Dubai to an athelete done by one of the best ayurveda clinic Dubai Ayurheritage
Apr 18, 2023

Effect of Sports Massage on Performance and Recovery

Sports massages are known to be a very effective recovery technique athletes reply after an intense training session or performance. But there are debates going on about whether sports massage has a positive effect on performance.

It’s normal for people who engage in athletic activities to experience various issues. Muscle tension, soft tissue damage and wear and tear of the muscle are the common problems experienced. If you are looking for professional sports massage therapy our sports massage therapy Dubai experts will be able to help you. 

Read along to find out more.

How does Sports Massage Therapy Help

Sports massage was initially designed to help athletes before. But it is very helpful to anyone who engages in physical activity and people who need healing after a sports injury. 

It’s tailored to the needs of individuals according to their sporting injuries. However, it is quite different from a normal Ayurvedic massage and can be very strenuous, says our Dubai sports massage experts. 

Sports massages work by stretching the tight muscle, and stimulating inactive muscles. They also improve the condition of soft tissue and blood flow. The sports massage therapist often performs soft tissue massages and deep tissue massages depending on the condition of the patient. Sports massages are used to : 

1.Reduce the chance of injury

2.Improves endurance

3.Reduces recovery time 

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Massages do have their advantages when done in the proper way. These sports massages can also help people exercise more efficiently and prevent certain ailments. Sports massage will benefit you in many ways. They also  : 

1.Helps to increase blood flow in muscles

2.Maintaining the muscle temperature

3.Relaxation and low stress

4.Prevention of injury

5.Composure before a tense event.

6.Reduce muscle soreness 

7.Aids a good and undisturbed sleep 

8.Improved Posture

9.Increase the range of motion.

10.Improved performance

11.Maintains blood pressure.

Physiological Effects of Sports Massage 

People will experience many physiological effects after a sports massage, says our sports massage Dubai experts at Ayurheritage. they include

1.Reduced production of stress hormones

2.Reduction of muscle contractions due to relaxation of skeletal muscles.

3.Relaxation of muscles encourages smooth blood flow.

4.Stimulation of the Lymphatic system.

Psychological Effects of Sports Massage 

Sports massage therapy is also known to have Psychological benefits. Some of them are 

1.They reduce stress and anxiety. 

2.They also stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is known for the production and release of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

3.Improves Brain Health

4.Reduce the risk of depression

5.Mood Regulation

Now, let’s take a look at some of the methods used in sports massage therapy Dubai for various levels of injury. In most cases, Sports massage is safe after an injury. However, there are some injuries for which sports massages are not suitable. Make sure that you talk to your practitioner in detail regarding the process.

Acute Injury Sports Massage 

In an acute stage of injury, the massage specialist will be focusing on minimising additional injury. They will be also keen on preventing further swelling and secondary cell death. Known as the PRICE protocol they will be aiming to carefully handle the injury not to cause further complications.

Sub-Acute Injury Sports Massage

In this stage, massage therapy will aim to reduce the buildup of scar tissue by increasing blood flow. These massages also improve strength by reducing muscle atrophy, pain and swelling. However, a newly healed injury is always at risk of bleeding and further worsening its condition if not handled properly. 

The patient is also encouraged to carry out very gentle stretches. Sports Massage therapy also includes many muscle energy techniques. Both heat and ICE are used at this stage as well as gentle exercise. Practitioners with gentle exercise to move joints and give more movement to the muscles.

Chronic Injury Sports Massage 

In the chronic injury stage, the massage therapy professional will focus on regaining more mobility and flexibility for the patients. However, keep in mind that the final goal varies from person to person depending on various factors.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, sports massage therapy Dubai is a valuable tool for athletes looking to enhance their performance and accelerate their recovery. Sports massage can help reduce muscle tension, increase the range of motion, and promote circulation. The therapy targets specific areas of the body by applying various techniques.

This can result in improved athletic performance, reduced risk of injury, and faster recovery times. It is important to note, that sports massage should be used in conjunction with other recovery methods. It should be performed by a trained and qualified professional.

With proper use and guidance, sports massage can be a game-changer for athletes of all levels. If you want to learn more insights into the art of sports therapy, the experts at our massage services in Dubai can guide you through the details.

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