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Best Ayurvedic Treatments for Back Pain; Reasons and its Remedies
Sep 13, 2023

Best Ayurvedic Treatments for Back Pain; Reasons and its Remedies

In this hustle and bustle of modern life where your daily lives are concise into a single room, a constant companion, back pain, goes unnoticed along with you affecting you in your professions and daily life. It is a constant reminder that like other machines, our bodies too require continuous care and maintenance. Seeking the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda that provides holistic remedies that have centuries of tradition soothes you and rejuvenate your whole body with its principles and practices. Through the blog, ‘Best Ayurvedic Treatments for Back pain; Reasons and its Remedies’, we venture deep into the major causes of back pain and the Ayurvedic solution as well as home remedies to reduce the ailment and bring back the peace of body, mind, and soul. Join us, Ayurheritage, the top Ayurvedic hospital Dubai, to discover the secrets of transformation through Ayurvedic healing for back pain and overall well-being, a journey of enduring wellness. 

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Major Reasons for Back Pain

Back pain, a pervasive ailment, has affected the lives of many individuals all over the world. Continue reading the blog to understand the major causes of back pain, a voyage through the different causes that result in this condition, and unwelcome companion. The following are the major multifaceted factors that aid back pain, showering knowledge to safeguard your back and maintain a back pain-free life. 

Poor Posture

Poor posture is a silent destroyer of your pack’s well-being. When you slouch or hunch, excessive pressure is given to the muscles, ligaments, and discs related to the spinal column. This imbalance can lead to muscle fatigue, especially in the lower back. Poor posture may also compress spinal discs, which leads to herniation that is painful and can even extend to other areas of the body. Thus, poor posture can become a reason for chronic back pain; reminding you to maintain a balanced posture to preserve the comfort of your back. 

Muscle Strain

One of the common reasons for back pain is muscle strain. This can be highly painful and creates discomfort. Muscle strains generally happen when you do sudden forceful movements or lift heavy objects. Heavy strains in muscles can also lead to microtears in muscle tissues which results in pain and limited mobility. Slight muscle strains can be cured easily with home remedies. But, understanding the severity of it is important and it can lead to chronic ailment if not treated properly. Muscle strain reminds you to be careful when doing chores, keeping in mind the importance of adequate rest. 

Sedentary Lifestyle

Prolonged periods of sitting and inactivity in this modern corporate lifestyle, known as a sedentary lifestyle, have become a major reason for back pain and related ailments. When you spend long hours seated at desks, in vehicles, or in front of the screens, your back muscles lack movement as well as the support they require. This lack of activity weakens muscles and gives stress to your lower back. Thus, a sedentary lifestyle results in imbalances in muscles, reduced flexibility, and your work life to mitigate back pain and maintain good health. risk of causing chronic back pain. So, give emphasis to physical activity along with 

Medical Conditions

There are certain medical conditions that may result in discomfort in the back as well as chronic back pain. Medical conditions like scoliosis, a curve of the spine, can result in chronic back pain with its abnormal alignment. Sciatica, compression of the sciatic nerve, produces sharp back pain that extends to the leg. Kidney stones in the urinary tract can cause back pain which can be cured by properly treating the root cause. These medical conditions that lead to back pain can be mitigated to an extent by properly understanding the root cause and receiving proper treatment for them.  

What are the Ayurvedic Treatments for Back Pain?

In the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, there are treatments and remedies for back pain and related ailments. Practicing yoga and including Ayurvedic herbs in your daily diet can help you mitigate back pain to an extent. Ayurvedic treatments that are found effective and are practiced for centuries are the following:


Abhyanga, one of the most traditional Ayurvedic massage therapy, is highly effective in reducing back pain. Warm herbal oils are gently applied to the back, emphasizing the marma points and energy centers. The rhythmic massage movements of Abhangya help in rejuvenating and relaxing the muscles and improving blood circulation in that area. 


In Navarakizhi, a bundle of medicine soaked in an herbal mix is applied to the affected area of your back. The warmth, as well as the healing properties of the herbs, work together to reduce back pain. It also improves the strength and flexibility of the muscles and reduces inflammation. 

Nadi Sweden

Nadi Sweden involves the application of herbal steam using a special apparatus. The warmth of it relaxes stressed muscles and reduces pain and stiffness of the muscles as well. Nadi Sweden from our specialists in Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai, helps in increased blood circulation and promotes detoxification along with reducing back pain. 

Kati Basti

Kati Basti is highly renowned for relieving back pain. In this therapy, a dough ring is created and placed around the affected lower back of the patient, and warm herbal oil is filled in it and kept for a while. This helps in reducing back pain, mitigating inflammation, and improving and maintaining the flexibility of the spine and related muscles. It also helps in addressing medical conditions such as sciatica and muscle spasms in the affected area of the patient.

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