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Balance Your Hormones With Ayurveda
Dec 29, 2023

Balance Your Hormones With Ayurveda

Hormones. The very word that is associated with some of the health conditions we hate to deal with. But it should not be so. Hormones are very powerful agents that can help you gain optimal health. Even though it sounds like a dream to many, the incredible system of Ayurveda gives answers to this simple reality.

In this blog,’ Balance Your Hormones With Ayurveda’ we will find out how Ayurveda can help you restore the delicate balance of your hormone levels to make certain of lasting physical and mental well-being with the experts at Ayurheritage, the top ayurvedic hospital Dubai

What Are Hormones?

Hormones are very important chemical messages in our body that help to regulate our bodily processes. They include growth hormones ( for regulating metabolism), sex hormones ( for controlling fertility and reproduction), and stress hormones (hormones that involve the body’s stress response.) An imbalance occurs when you have too much or too little of these chemical messengers.

So, there is no wonder about the imbalance of hormones that might result in numerous issues within the body. Hormonal imbalance also leads to various health problems. Thus, balancing your hormones is quite important in ensuring good health and vitality.

Signs of Hormone Imbalance

With hormones playing an important role in our bodily process, the imbalance manifests in various ways. Stress and life events can result in hormonal imbalances and some of them may be temporary like certain conditions after childbirth. Some of them are the result of chronic stress, gut imbalances nutritional deficiencies, etc. Some of the common symptoms include : 

  • Fatigue 
  • Hair Loss & Thinning 
  • Hard to Lose Weight
  • Feeling Cold
  • Dry Skin
  • Blood Sugar Issues
  • Craving Carbs 
  • Unwanted Hair Growth
  • Fibrocystic Breasts
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Bloating 
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Brain Fog 
  • Excess Belly Fat
  • Constipation  
  • Irregular Periods
  • Painful or Heavy Periods
  • Low Libido 
  • Acne
  • Pms
  • Headaches

What Causes Hormone Imbalances?

Hormone imbalances often stem from stress, a widespread issue in our busy lives. Juggling careers, families, homes, fitness, appearance, and socializing strains us. While we manage, it can be quite taxing. There are toxins in our food and the environment will worsen this. Do you know women, who use about 168 chemicals daily on their bodies, face increased risks, and thyroid disease is 5-8 times more prevalent among them? 

These factors disrupt our hormonal harmony. Addressing stress levels, reducing chemical exposure, and supporting overall well-being can help mitigate these imbalances, allowing us to live healthier, more balanced lives. Ayurheritage, the top Ayurvedic center in Dubai offers personalized Ayurvedic solutions for hormonal imbalance.  

Some of the causes are

  • Stress
  • Caffeine & Stimulants 
  • Alcohol 
  • Gut Imbalance
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Excess Exercise
  • Personal Care Products
  • Fragrance
  • Thyroid Imbalance
  • Liver Dysfunction

The Role of the Doshas: Vata, Pitta & Kapha

Ancient healers grasped how our body organs and systems—thyroid, pancreas, ovaries, testes—collaborate for balance. They solved the hormone-related common problems like PMS, diabetes, and thyroid problems by harmonizing the doshas. 

Similarly, your hormonal balance hinges on the interplay of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These doshas influence your overall hormonal health. So, understanding and balancing these energies within you can help you restore the hormonal imbalance. 

Also, you can potentially support a more harmonious hormonal system, aiding in the prevention or management of hormonal imbalances and related health issues.

The Ayurvedic Approach to Hormone 

When it comes to hormonal imbalance, ayurveda mainly focuses on understanding each person's unique mind-body makeup (Prakriti) and their current state of imbalance (vikriti). The holistic system emphasizes aligning ourselves with nature's rhythms—prioritizing mindful sleep, waking, movement, and eating habits. 

Enhancing digestion (agni) and eliminating toxins are extremely important to support the body's natural cleansing process. A balanced diet tailored to individual constitution and seasons becomes crucial. So, it is equally important to integrate pleasure and joy into daily routines, rituals, and connections. This holistic approach aims to restore harmony, promoting overall well-being and hormonal balance through mindful living.

Ayurveda Herbs For the Good Endocrine Health

Ayurveda talks about using various herbs to support endocrine health. We’ve listed some of the herbs recommended by Ayurveda for achieving the same. they are: 

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine. It helps the body adapt to stress and may help regulate cortisol levels. It's known for its potential to support thyroid function, improve resilience to stress, boost energy levels, and potentially aid in hormonal balance, particularly in managing stress-related hormonal fluctuations.

Black Cohosh Root: Commonly used in traditional Native American medicine, black cohosh root is often used to alleviate symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, mood swings, and sleep disturbances. It's believed to contain compounds that mimic estrogen in the body, helping to balance hormone levels in menopausal women.

Marjoram:  Marjoram is a culinary herb with potential medicinal properties. It's known for its calming effects and is used traditionally to relieve stress and anxiety. While not specifically known for its impact on hormonal balance, its stress-relieving properties may indirectly support hormone regulation in the body.

Chaste Berry: Also known as Vitex or chasteberry, it's commonly used for menstrual disorders and symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Ready to Restore Your Hormonal Imbalance With Ayurveda?

Revitalize your hormonal balance with Ayurvedic solutions at AyurHeritage! With a personalized approach, we delve into understanding your body's unique constitution to address hormonal imbalances. Through tailored wellness routines and dietary guidance aligned with Ayurvedic principles, our experts aim to naturally rejuvenate and restore your hormonal health. 

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