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Ayurvedic Treatments for Natural Weight Loss by top ayurvedic center in Dubai
May 11, 2023

Ayurvedic Treatments for Natural Weight Loss

We all like to be confident in our body appearance. right? There is no denying that well are all looking out for ways to reduce some extra fats. In his blog, we’ll talk about the ayurvedic treatments for natural weight loss.

The experts at our Ayurvedic center in Dubai point out that weight gain is owing to things such as a lack of exercise, excessive sleeping, an unhealthy diet, and a way of life. All of these factors interact, resulting in this state of fat buildup or obesity, particularly around the belly.  The fat tissues that grow in the body will also clog channels which leads to weight gain.

Ayurveda Weight Loss Treatment

Obesity is referred to as ‘medrog’ in Ayurveda which is a result of aggravated Kapha Dosha. In a balanced state, Kapha nourishes these tissues via numerous microchannels. When Kapha becomes exacerbated, it causes the body to produce poisons. 

The toxins are heavy and dense in nature, and they concentrate on the body's weaker pathways, clogging them. This causes an increase in fat tissue synthesis. Weight gain occurs when the body develops additional fat tissues.

Causes of Kapha Imbalance 

  • Lack of Exercise
  • Over-eating
  • Eating at inappropriate times.
  • Too much heavy food.

If we look into it, Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health and wellness that has been practised for thousands of years. Ayurvedic weight loss treatments focus on restoring balance and harmony to the body, rather than simply reducing calories. Ayurvedic treatments for natural weight are very safe and effective.

Panchakarma, a traditional Ayurvedic detoxification technique, is often used to eliminate toxins and reset the digestive system. Additionally, Ayurveda recommends a combination of yoga, a healthy diet, and specific herbs and spices to support weight loss. These methods not only promote weight loss but also improve overall physical and mental health. Ayurheritage offers the finest Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai, personalized to your needs.

Now let’s take a detailed look into the panchakarma treatment.

Panchakarma Treatment For Weight Loss

In Ayurveda, the treatment of Panchakarma therapy is a procedure of comprehensive treatments that aims to reduce in the most organic and Ayurvedic way. Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic treatment that involves a series of therapies designed to detoxify and rejuvenate the body. 

While it is not specifically a weight loss treatment, it can help support weight loss by promoting the elimination of toxins and restoring balance to the body. Panchakarma therapies such as massage, steam therapy, and herbal treatments help to remove toxins from the body, including those stored in fat cells, if you are looking for effective panchakarma treatment in Dubai, Ayurheritage can guide you through the whole process. 

The effective treatment result in improved digestion, increased metabolism, and better absorption of nutrients, all of which can support weight loss efforts. Panchakarma in Dubai is typically performed over several days or weeks and is often combined with other Ayurvedic weight loss techniques such as yoga and dietary changes for maximum effectiveness.

Effective Ayurvedic Treatments For Weight Loss

Apart from panchakarma, these are some of the effective ayurvedic treatments for weight loss.


In addition to daily detox, Abhyanga also supports healthy weight loss management. The procedure involves vigorous massages with a specific combination of herbs and ayurvedic oils to boost blood circulation and rejuvenation.


The Ayurvedic treatment is known for its detoxifying procedure through sweat. Swedana is known for its properties of detoxification and the restoration of the body's equilibrium. Sweating glands are one of the ways the body eliminates toxins. When the sweat glands are stimulated, the toxins in the inner layers of the skin and muscles are mobilised and eliminated.


In the Kizhi treatment, the ayurvedic massage with small bundles of herbs and oils, heat-led perspiration leads to body fat loss. It helps to enhance blood circulation and delays ageing Kizhi is also recommended for pain-related ailments.


This treatment is mainly referred to as a body toning programme where a combination of ayurvedic herbs and oils are applied all over the body. Udwarthanam weight loss therapy is used in Ayurvedic medicine to remove fat and strengthen the body while also ensuring that the body does not become too rough and dry during the process.


This ayurvedic procedure is also similar to Udwarthanam, except that the body is massaged with a wet, scrub-like substance, and then allowed to settle before being removed. It aids in cellulite reduction and skin toning.


Also known as an Ayurvedic oil bath, Pizhichil can be considered one of the relaxing Ayurvedic treatments where a continuous flow of herbal oil is squeezed and massaged over the body. It has a soothing and relaxing effect while also removing toxins from the body and aids detoxification and weight loss.


Developing a daily yoga practice may appear to be an unexpected initial step in a full set of weight loss guidelines. But trust us. It’s one of the most effective things for your weight loss journey.

Yoga is a tremendously powerful practice that improves the whole person—body, mind, and soul. It arouses, lubricates, and cleanses the body, massages and stimulates the digestive and elimination organs, and tones the joints and muscles. A simple series of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) is an excellent place to start if you are new to yoga. This is a vigorous, rhythmic, and fluid practice.


It all boils down to diet. Diet can be considered one of the most important elements related to weight loss. Ayurvedic weight loss treatment recommends eating healthful, readily digestible meals every day. This means there will be no snacking. In-season foods are more nourishing and easier to digest, according to Ayurveda. This can also help to maintain dosha balance and improve general health and well-being.


Mindfulness meditation can be a very useful part of your weight loss journey. According to a report, Meditation lowers cortisol and C-reactive protein levels, which is good for our overall health and may help us lose weight and keep a healthy weight.

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