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Feb 10, 2023

Ayurvedic Skin Care Techniques

Ayurveda is actually based on Indian medicine that is practiced in earlier times. Ayurvedic Skin Care Techniques include treatments for skin issues, herbal combinations for the skin, and ayurvedic facials. There are many ayurvedic cosmetics available in the market and it promotes a natural way of gaining an optimal advantage. Not every product might be useful to you, check for the quality and the ingredients present in the product for getting the best results that are suitable for your skin. Ayurvedic home remedies include practices that are targeted to certain skin types and their requirements. Ayurvedic wellness can make you feel good inside and out. Our ayurveda clinic Dubai offers various treatments and routines that can get you glowing skin naturally.  

Ayurvedic Approach to Skincare

Ayurvedic skincare includes natural and holistic practices that combine the root cause of the skin issue. According to ayurveda skin problems occur due to an imbalance of elements inside the body. Using cosmetics like moisturizers for dry skin has a limit. Ayurveda mainly addresses the imbalance that occurs internally to provide therapeutic and long-lasting relief. It also helps with common causes of skincare problems like underlying health issues, stress, environmental unhealthy diet, lifestyle, digestion, and imbalance in hormones. If you haven’t pampered yourself with an ayurvedic routine, you are missing out on such a rejuvenating practice.  


Following are the skin types according to the three doshas.

Vata Dosha- People with this type of dosha tend to have a dry and rough texture on their skin that needs to be moisturized. An adequate amount of oil needs to be contained in the moisturizers to let them supple and healthy. Ashwagandha supplements are preferred for this type of skin. 

Pitta Dosha- People belonging to this category have Vata- dominant dosha basically has an oily and greasy skin type that is open to various allergies and disorders. This type of skin needs more cooling effects that include natural herbs like Aloe vera and sandalwood. 

Kapha Dosha- People who have a Kapha-dominated skin type are quite similar to that of have the Pitta dominant person. They have an oily skin type that is prone to more skin problems and disorders. Exfoliation brings a great impact on skin types.    

Ayurvedic Skin Care Techniques

Splashing your face with cold water can refresh your mind and body in an instant. This can be followed by cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, and protection. Cooling your skin with ayurvedic herbs is a great idea. You can make use of various medicated herbs and oils to enhance your skin. Adding Ayurvedic Skin Care Techniques to your normal routine can greatly impact the skin in various ways. If you are searching for professional ayurvedic practitioners, our ayurvedic treatment in Dubai is effective in giving you impeccable skin results. 

Power of Massage

Snehana is the word in ayurveda for the application of oil with a massage. Massaging your full body with medicated or natural oils has a great impact on enhancing your skin by nourishing and detoxifying the skin. For oily skin types with Kapha dosha, a herbal powder massage would be preferred for maximum benefit. 

Exercise and Yoga

Practicing exercise daily can boost the circulation of blood and tone your body. Each body part should be focused while doing exercise. Facial exercises improve blood flow in the face and can reduce the aging of the skin. Other than rejuvenating effect yoga has numerous health benefits too. It can detoxify the body from the internal and outer environment. You can also practice meditation for effective breathing and enhancing focus. By concentrating on breathing you can effectively reduce stress, and boost overall immunity and health. 


A Healthy Diet and Hydration

The intake of healthy meals and fruits along with a lot of water enhances the quality of living. Having meals with a fixed routine that favors fresh and easy-to-digest foods while removing junk foods and overeating from your list can aid in the removal of toxins from the body. Don’t let your body crave water, make sure you have taken adequate water to stay hydrated throughout the day.  


Adequate Sleep

Sleep is one of the most vital aspects you should look after to maintain overall health. Lack of sleep can reduce immunity, resulting in the cause of inflammation, wrinkles, and puffy eyes. It also impacts the aging of the skin. So if you are serious about health and skin care make sure you have slept well enough to restart the day. 

To reiterate, ayurvedic skin care includes practices that can balance out three doshas. Some of these ayurvedic routines help in treating skin problems like dryness, eczema, acne, rosacea, and redness. Ayurvedic medicines are the best along with a healthy diet and practices. These routines can enhance your life by boosting your self-confidence with healthy skin. Our ayurvedic center in Dubai offers holistic practices that guarantee refreshing your skin and body. 

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