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Mar 27, 2023

Ayurvedic Approach to Pregnancy and Parenting

Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most critical events in a woman's life cycle that maintain the continuity and existence of the human species in this world. Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, focuses on health protection through lifestyle changes, followed by treating the root cause of treatment. 

So, Ayurveda plays an important role in preventing obstetric difficulties, maintaining the health of mother and baby, and giving easy, healthy, effective remedies for common disorders. In this blog, we will highlight the ayurvedic approach to maternal health. The Ayurvedic approach to pregnancy emphasizes the importance of preparing the body and mind for conception and childbirth.

Ayurveda advocates a holistic approach that includes proper nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction techniques during pregnancy. Additionally, postnatal care is considered crucial in Ayurveda to help the mother recover and restore balance to her body and mind after giving birth.

Here are some of the tips which would promote the health of mothers and babies during pregnancy recommended by the professionals at our postnatal clinic.


Ayurveda Prenatal Care

Nutritional diet 

According to Ayurveda, care for women begins earlier than their pregnancy state. Ayurveda reiterates that the nutritional status of the mother has a direct bearing on the child. Ayurveda often emphasises the importance of a nutritional and balanced diet during pregnancy. However, it is very important to keep in mind that you are eating for two and you should not maintain a single person’s diet.

Ayurveda has a detailed regimen based on various phases in a day, the changing season, and the physical properties of foods and herbs. Specifically, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gokshur, and Amla are herbs of choice, which are recommended to be incorporated into one's diet.

Balance your Vata

During pregnancy, Vata doshas should be handled with precaution as it affects the central nervous system. Warm, unhomogenized cow's milk with ghee is advised to consume during pregnancy. According to Ayurveda, one cup of warm milk mixed with ghee and consumed twice a day will reportedly improve the foetus’ immunity.

Oil massages

A daily massage with an ayurvedic massage oil feeds the skin's microflora while also soothing the mother. Daily oil massages in the belly and feet, will also help to avoid stretch marks and skin discolouration, caused by pregnancy. Some of the studies also revealed self-massaging during pregnancy will reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression and relieve muscle cramps.

Practising Garbha Sanskar

Garbha means womb in Sanskrit, and ‘sanskar’ means educating the mind. Hence, Garbha ‘sanskar’ refers to training the intellect of the developing foetus in the mother's womb. Ayurveda points a child and mother are connected to their core from the moment of conceiving and it directly affects the child's mental and behavioural development.

Gentle Excercise

Try to engage in gentle exercise such as walking. It will act as a good catalyst for the mother’s mental and physical well-being during pregnancy. According to professionals, a healthy pregnant woman needs 2 and ½ hours of aerobic activities each week. Swimming and water workout with supervision can also be done during pregnancy.


It is quite important to practice stress-management practices during pregnancy. Such practices including meditation and yoga help to reduce stress and improve overall health. 

Prenatal care

Ayurveda focuses on both the mother and the newborn up to forty-five days after birth to restore the mother's post-pregnancy health and to make the infant robust and healthy. A mother’s digestive ability weakens while her nutritional needs grow to suit the needs of the newborn.


What Not to Do During Pregnancy

  • Avoid Overeating and fasting

  • Say no to alcohol and heavy foods.

  • Giving attention to matters that affect your mental health.

  • Sitting/laying in an uncomfortable position

  • Travelling for long periods of time.

  • Lifting heavy things

  • Dont hold back natural urges


Ayurvedic tips for morning sickness

  • Consume roasted and powdered cardamom seeds

  • Drink tea made up of  ¼ teaspoon ginger powder and hot water.

In conclusion, the Ayurvedic approach to pregnancy is a very natural and holistic way to support a healthy pregnancy and postnatal recovery. By focusing on proper nutrition, gentle exercise, stress reduction techniques, and personalized care, Ayurveda offers a way to optimize physical, mental, and emotional health for both the mother and baby. 

This ancient wisdom recognizes that pregnancy is a sacred time and that each woman's journey through motherhood is unique. By embracing Ayurvedic principles, women can feel empowered and supported as they prepare for childbirth and motherhood. Overall, the Ayurvedic approach to pregnancy offers a gentle and natural path to optimal health and well-being for both mother and baby

Consult with Ayurvedic Experts

Ayurveda has been recognized for centuries as one of the most practical approaches to dealing with pregnancy and prenatal complications. Ayurveda offers holistic care throughout your pregnancy. Get a consultation with one of our experts at Ayurheritage, our ayurvedic hospital dubai for professional and personalised health advice.

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